Hi. Welcome to my blog.

In my spare time, I enjoy binge watching Netflix, online shopping, laying in my pyjamas and eating copious amounts of Ben and Jerry’s. In the rare few occasions that I wear actual clothes, I enjoy going to see movies, eating good food and going to the gym.

I’m a complete makeup junkie – I hoard highlighters that I purchased three years ago because they’re just too pretty to throw away, right? As mentioned above, I watch a serious amount of TV shows so I could pretty much be an expert in that. And I like to think of myself as having a small amount of fitness knowledge (everybody loves a trier).

Anyway, before I keep rambling on, I set up this blog as a place to talk to the world about the strange obsessions that keep me powering through life. If you enjoy the same things as me, I hope you enjoy keeping up with me.

Lots of love and good wishes,

Beth x