Superdrug Haul


I feel that everyone who knows me knows that my heart usually belongs to Boots (if you aren’t from the UK, Superdrug and Boots are our rival drugstores). But, when I was out Christmas shopping the other day, on a whim I decided to pop into Superdrug. They have soooooo much nice stuff at the moment, which resulted in me heading home and straight onto the Superdrug website to place a cheeky order just in time for the festive season. So, here’s what I bought:

Collection – Illuminating Liquid Radiance Highlighter

I have already tried this product out a couple of times since I got it literally this last weekend. I love it. It costs £5.99 and is perfect to mix into your foundation for a lovely, dewy finish, especially in the winter when you don’t want your makeup to look too dull. The only slight downfall is that this can be slightly drying, so make sure to use a good moisturising primer beforehand, but for the price how can you complain?!

Collection – Velvet Kiss Lip Cream – Caramel

Superdrug had a deal on where, when you spent over £5.00, you got this product for free. I have tried these Velvet Kiss Lip Creams before, and wasn’t too much of a fan but I’m always one to give new products a try so I gave it a whirl and I love it. This particular shade is almost an exact dupe of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, and I found that this product lasted so well and was the loveliest colour. I’m definitely going to look at the shade range and maybe pick up another.

MUA – Prism Loose Highlighter – Star Illusion

MUA do amazing highlighters, and if you’ve never tried them I feel like you’re missing out. I picked this one up to try, mainly on the basis that it was a loose highlighter and I was shook. It is so pigmented, and so glowy, and for £5.00 I couldn’t really ask for anything more. It is slightly messy to apply, but I’m happy to cope with that for the amazing quality of the highlighter.

Makeup Revolution – Liquid Highlighter – Unicorn Elixir

This was the product that made me place the whole order. I went into store and spotted that Makeup Revolution had started doing liquid highlighter drops for just £6.00, I know right! I was absolutely devastated because the two of these products that were left had been opened, even though there was a tester (but that is a rant for a different post). So I went online, and bought this. It is the most illuminating liquid highlighter and has an blue-y, white sheen which is slightly iridescent. The best. Definitely one to give a try if you love yourself an iridescent highlighter.

Makeup Revolution – Pro Fix Fixing Spray

I have been looking out for a new fixing spray to try for ages. I do love the NYX one, and also the Urban Decay All Nighter but the cheaper the better right?! So I’m always on the lookout for good drugstore setting sprays. I haven’t actually given this a try yet, but when I’ve tested it I’ll let you know my thoughts.

Makeup Revolution – Brave To Be Bold Palette (I think)

This was another one of the deals Superdrug had on, when you spent over a certain amount you got this for free. I think this was an exclusive deal because I can’t find this anywhere on the website? Anyway, this palette is incredibly beautiful and, as I already have a lot of these colour eyeshadows in my collection this has gone on to make a beautiful Christmas gift for one of my best friends. Winner, winner.

That’s the end of my haul, and I feel I picked some great stuff up. There are definitely some gems in here that you need to try. Let me know if you have picked up any great finds recently that I need to try!

Lots of love,

Beth xx

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