Halloween 2017

My second favourite time of the year has been and gone – Halloween! I have always enjoyed Halloween ever since I was a child. The act of dressing up and giving out sweets and watching spooky films has always excited me, and I’ve really enjoyed my traditions changing the older I get.



This year has involved quite a lot of Halloween celebrations, which has been great fun. We decorated the house for Halloween, with lots of spooky decorations and carved pumpkins and filled it with Halloween treats.

It was also really nice to get dressed up for the occasion – our favourite club hosted an Alice in Wonderland themed weekend so obviously me and my best pals all had to go dressed up as a character from the film! I got to be Alice, and it was fun to be able to do slightly wacky makeup and put on a fun costume.

Then, as Halloween fell on a Tuesday evening, I still wanted to celebrate. So I invited one of my best friends over and we made homemade pizza, watched scary films and ended the evening in the hot-tub.

Let me know what you got up to this Halloween, and whether you’re sad that it’s over.

Lots of love, 

Beth x x 

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