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I was searching through my lipstick collection the other day (searching being the operative word as it is huge) and I stumbled across my MAC lipsticks. These were some of the first lipsticks that I ever bought when getting into beauty, and are often left forgotten about gathering dust at the back of my drawer. Since then, they have been pulled to the front of my drawer to be used and I thought I would show you my collection so far.

The Neutrals:


Creme De La Femme (Frost)

I love this lipstick. It is a beautiful pink- almost like a Your Lips But Better kind of vibe. The lipstick is laced with gold flecks, giving a lovely reflective quality. With it being a frost, it has a beautiful feel on the lips.

Hot Tahiti (Glaze)

This lipstick is a beautiful coral toned red, but so incredibly sheer which is why I love it. I used to wear this all the time in college, because it was so beautiful but so easy to reapply with no mess or fuss. Definitely lovely in the warmer weather.


(From left to right) Creme De La Femme, Hot Tahiti, Doubleshot & Velvet Teddy

Doubleshot (Amplified)

This shade is very, very sadly discontinued. I am so upset, and for this reason I try not to reach for this shade too often in case I run out. It is a beautiful brown shade with a satin finish. It is incredibly sleek looking and feels ultra comfy on the lips.

Velvet Teddy (Matte)

A cult classic for a reason. Velvet Teddy is a beige toned brown that has a beautiful matte finish. Despite it being a matte shade, it is very comfortable to wear and is a staple shade that goes with everything. Definitely one to invest in.

The Unusuals:


Halsey (Matte)

Yet another discontinued shade (sorry). I am a huge fan of Halsey – so when she collaborated with MAC I knew I couldn’t not buy this lipstick. As it happens, I do love the shade of this; a very cool toned grey. The matte effect can be a little drying, but this lipstick certainly makes a statement.

Dodgy Girl (Matte)

As part of the Kelly Osbourne collaboration, this lipstick was also limited edition. This is one of my all time favourite lipsticks – I adore it. With a completely individual bright violet tone, this is a lipstick I wear when I want to be noticed. I recently wore this to Community Festival in London and loved it.


(From left to right) Halsey, Dodgy Girl, Mellowarm & Ruby Woo

Mellowarm (Frost)

I am so sorry. This is yet another discontinued lipstick from the MAC Ice Parade collection. You can find rare ones of these on Depop but I loooooooove this lipstick. This is an orange-coral with a frost finish. With pretty opaque coverage, this provides the prettiest sheen on the mouth and is one I am always keen to wear.

Ruby Woo (Retro Matte)

Yet another MAC cult classic. Ruby Woo is a blue toned red that is very flattering on my skin tone. Being truthful, I don’t particularly like the consistency of this lipstick as I find that it drags a little on the lips and can be quite drying. However, the colour is amazing and it is a well loved favourite in the makeup community.

The Vampy Shades:


Eugenie (Matte)

This is part of the MAC Giambattista Valli collection – which was again, limited edition. I do love this shade, however it is very similar in colour to the shade Sin which I also have in my collection. I do tend to only keep this in my collection due to it being limited edition and having pretty packaging, but I do use it occasionally in the more autumnal months.

Smoked Purple (Matte)

Sometimes I do kind of despair about the way that MAC formulate their more matte shades. I just cannot seem to get along with them. I find that they drag on the lips and are quite drying – so much so that I have to rub the lipstick on my hand to get the colour to apply smoothly. Despite this, Smoked Purple is a lovely deep purple shade and is perfect for halloween.


(From left to right) New York Apple, Sin, Smoked Purple & Eugenie

Sin (Matte)

As previously stated, this shade is incredibly similar to Eugenie which you can see from the swatch above. Very deep and very vampy, but still shares my earlier issues with the matte shades and they do drag  quite a bit when applying. This is one I will always love though.

New York Apple (Frost)

Starting from the left we have New York Apple – which is a widely raved about shade. Quoting from the MAC website, this is a muted red with a pink shimmer running through it. With it being a frost finish, it is quite sheer and the colour is very buildable. This shade tends to get pulled out more around Christmas time.

I hope you enjoyed having a nosy at my MAC lipstick collection. I definitely had fun taking the pictures and doing the swatches. This is definitely a kind of post I want to do more often to show a little bit more of my collection off. Hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love,

Beth xx

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