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Before writing this post, I literally had to check how many posts I had done since my April Favourites (I decided to call this a Current Must Haves just incase I’m a little too late for a favourites).  It feels like the only posts I write consist of me droning on about the things I’m loving – I hope you guys don’t mind.  Every month I get so excited to choose the stand-out products of the month, so I hope you get excited alongside me.


Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette

This has been my go-to palette of the month, if I have been bothering to wear eyeshadow in May then it has definitely been this palette.  The shades are just so me. I love the shade Charm with all of my heart – it is the most beautiful orange shade that blends amazingly and fits in with every look. I am in love.

NSPA – Intense Hydration Overnight Mask

With the change in the weather over here in the UK, my skin has been getting a lot drier.  Not good.  To attempt to combat this, I have been slathering on this stuff and loving it. It has the most satisfying sticky feeling once you have applied it, which some people don’t particularly like but I love because you really feel it sink in. Definitely a product that I will be continuing to love over the warmer months.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – Fair

This has been my go to for the past two months or so. I work in an office so, as you can imagine, any foundation slides straight back off my face. I have been wearing concealer in the place of foundation, and this particular concealer provides amazingly full coverage and lasts all day long without feel, and means that I don’t feel smothered in makeup in the sticky office.

L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara – Waterproof Black

Everybody and their uncle has been raving about this mascara lately, so I couldn’t wait to give it a go. I bought the waterproof version, which was the greatest choice and biggest mistake ever. This does not budge – this takes the most potent of eye makeup removers to get off.  It does, however, looks incredible whilst it is on so I can’t complaint.

NYX Liquid Suede – Life’s A Beach

I have loved this liquid lipstick since last year, and I have pulled it out again with the warmer weather. It is the most electric, coral shade ever and reminds me of great times in the Summer last year. I often wear this shade on nights out, and this particular shade doesn’t dry completely down meaning that you don’t get super dry lips. Amazing.

KIKO – Tropic Heat Face Brush

It is very rare that I find a face brush that I absolutely love – I like a lot of brushes, just never love them. This one, however, has quickly grown to be my holy grail bronzer brush. It is just dense enough to pack on the bronzer but is large enough to blend it out beautifully. And the packaging is absolutely gorgeous so that is a huge plus. I might even have to purchase another one before it vanishes forever.

That concludes another post about all my favourite stuff, this time poorly concealed as a Current Must Haves post because we’re now basically halfway through June (crazy). I hope that you loved it, and saw a few things that you either already love or want to try out. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately.

Lots of love,

Beth x x x


8 thoughts on “Current Must Haves

  1. noirerewritten says:

    Love these must haves. Might just have to get them! Just found your blog today and I’m completely taken in. Following to keep up with your future content!
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Mena ✨


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