Recent Empties – April & May


Your gal is back at it again with the empties.  Clearly this has been a mega month of using up a load of my favourite stuff (and apparently I have had a lot of baths this month). Treat yourself to a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst I ramble on about what products I’ve been using up.

Soap and Glory – Daily Soothe Bath Float 

I love this stuff, and it has taken me so long to use it all up because I always limit myself with it. It has the loveliest smell in the world, and feels so luxurious – meaning I usually save it for more special occasions. I finally managed to finish a tub after a few months of self-restriction and now this has gone straight back onto my repurchase list. It smells amazing and gives your bath amazing bubbles.

Soap and Glory – The Scrub Of Your Life

I feel like this is one of Soap and Glory’s most popular bath products, and for very good reason. This stuff is so good that I currently have another two bottles of it in my drawer waiting to be used. Once again, the smell is intense and amazing and it is such an amazing exfoliator. It isn’t too harsh but it gets the job done, and feels more like a gel consistency than your typical body scrub.

Sanctuary Spa – Concentrated Bath Relaxer

Yet another bath product – this one being a bath oil. This is another one that has taken me ages to use up. I tend to use a little bit, especially when I’m feeling a little bit stressed. It has the most luxurious, spa-like smell. Whilst I don’t necessarily think it is very moisturising, it’s amazing when you feel a little bit extra and want to throw something nice in your bathtub.

NSPA – Pomegranate and Wild Rose Foaming Bath Oil

Oh my god, I need to chill with the bath products. I’m not very picky when it comes to what I put in the bath hence why I always have a ridiculous amount of bath products in my empties. However, this oil feels so luxurious and it’s literally only £3.00 from ASDA. Perfect to throw in the bath to make your bath water silky smooth.

Urban Decay – All Nighter Setting Spray

When I first bought this, I thought it was going to be a placebo. Surely this couldn’t make a difference to the longevity of my makeup? I was so wrong. I can’t live without this stuff, and I find it keeps my makeup on for so much longer, looking smooth and flawless. It’s so cooling on the face and has an even spray – so good that I have already purchased another.

Victoria’s Secret – Passion Struck Fragrance Mist

A fragrance empty is joining us this month – and I love this. The amount of compliments that I have got when wearing this is unreal – it smells ridiculously good. Once I have finished up a few other body mists that I have, I will definitely repurchase this.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair

Everyone who knows anything about beauty has probably tried this concealer, and it is a staple in my collection. At any point I always have three or more of these concealers as a back-up. It is the perfect drugstore concealer, and this month I finished up yet another bottle. They have also started doing colour correcting versions of this concealer which I will definitely be giving a go.

So, there ya go. These are my current empties and this time around there has been absolutely nothing that I have disliked. Give some of these a go, and I know you won’t regret it. Time to go spend some more money repurchasing all of this stuff (it’s all in the name of blogging, after all).

Lots of love,

Beth xx


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