April Favourites

Here we are again, another month gone and another favourites post to write.  As I say in any favourites post, these are some of my most beloved posts to write and it never fails to excite me when selecting my most used and loved products of the month. Without further ado, here you go guys.

1. Bondi Sands Self Tan Lotion – Light/Medium

This month has been a month of fake tan trial and error. With it being my birthday, I decided to give tanning a go for the millionth time in my life. I chose this tan in Boots after looking at many, many reviews online. It has a really olive undertone, which means it is never orange and also never, ever applies patchy. It gives me a beautiful glow without looking too fake, which is ideal when you are as pale as I am. If you struggle to find a decent fake tan, this is definitely one to try out.

2. MAC Prep + Prime – Skin Base Visage

One thing you need to know about me – I always double prime my face. I always use the Nivea Post Shave Balm as my first primer, however this MAC primer is my absolute favourite secondary primer. It keeps my makeup on all day long, and any foundation applies beautifully over this. A little pricy, but definitely something that I will continue to purchase for a long time to come.

3. House of Lashes – Iconic

This pair of lashes is the most expensive pair of lashes that I have ever purchased. When I initially purchased these, I honestly didn’t think that they would be worth the money. These, however, are the best lashes I have ever worn. The lash band is wonderfully thick, making it super easy to apply lash glue and apply to your eyes.  I am a big fan of a full, fake lash that does actually look fake – and this does the job. They last for multiple uses, and I will 100% be buying many more pairs of this type of lash.

4. L’oreal Glam Bronze – La Terra Bronzer

I purchased this product on a 3 for 2 deal in the drugstore, and I wasn’t too sure that it would work for me. With me being a very pale human, a lot of bronzers can look too orange-toned for me. This looks lovely, however, and is quite sheer but it remains buildable meaning that you can decide what kind of pigment that you want. It also smells like holidays (bonus).

5. L’oreal Brow Artiste Genius Kit – Medium/Dark

One of my makeup goals for 2017 was to try out more brow products, instead of using the same brow powder I have been using for years. This was the first new brow product that I wanted to try, and I have been using it all month. It is separated into two sections; a wax and a powder. I only tend to use the powder, but the shade is a lovely shade and it lasts all day.

6. Body Collection Baked Blusher – Rose

It took me so long to find this product online because I bought it so long ago. It was one of the first blushes that I ever owned, and has survived many declutters. I just find it beautiful, and it is ridiculously cheap. It is a gorgeous sheer pink blusher with almost a highlight infused into it. Definitely a must have for the summer months when you want to glow from head to toe.

7. Too Faced La Creme Lipstick – Topless

This is yet another nude lipstick that I have been loving. The formula of this is super creamy, and like nothing else that I own (mainly a whole horde of matte lips). It’s very moisturising and pigmented at the same time, but very easy to reapply throughout the day. One of that I have mainly been using on minimal makeup days.

So, there is my round up for the month of April.  Here’s to May being full of wonderful new products to talk about next month. Have a lovely May!

Lots of love,

Beth x 

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