Jeffree Star x Manny MUA

Finally. Oh my god, it feels like forever since this collab was launched, and forever since I sat patiently waiting for it to be released.  When it did finally get released, it was the day before my birthday and I sat cross legged on my bed, phone in hand ready to splurge some money.

Then Beauty Bay crashed – completely.  Luckily, Beautylish had my back and I ended up placing the order on there with 6 – 10 day shipping time (hence why I’m a little late to the bandwagon).  I’ve never ordered from Beautylish before, but it actually amazed me! Reasonably priced, tax paid on the website so there were no sneaky custom fees and arrived pretty quickly to say it was shipped from America.  Will definitely be repurchasing from there.


Firstly, this came packaged in such a super cute way.  As soon as I opened the box, I ran up the stairs to take a picture before I opened the wrapping paper, and then again once I saw how pretty the packages were wrapped.  Definitely made spending that much money on makeup worth it, it felt like a very luxurious treat.


Yes, you can bet that I bought it all.  I am huge sucker for packaging on products, and Jeffree Star always seems to excel at this.  This time was no exception.  The packaging is holographic black and honestly beautiful.

Jeffree Star x Manny MUA Skin Frost – Eclipse


You know what I am guys, a highlighter hoarder.  I couldn’t not get this when I had the opportunity.  It was the first thing that I ripped open and swatched all over my hand.  It is beautiful.  When I bought this I was worried that it would be slightly too dark for my pale, snowy complexion but it actually looks amazing.  If you want to quite literally blind people with the tops of your cheekbones, this is for you.

Jeffree Star x Manny MUA Velour Liquid Lipstick – Daddy


Next up was the liquid lipstick Daddy.  A perfect nude that I couldn’t resist putting in my online basket.  It looks like the most amazing cool toned brown, a shade which I am always searching for (NYX Liquid Suede in Sandstorm come thru).  I can’t wait to give this a try, because I love the formula for the Jeffree Star liquid lips anyway as a standard so this gives me incredibly high hopes.

Jeffree Star x Manny MUA Velour Liquid Lipstick – I’m Shook

im shook.jpg

This colour definitely had me shook.  It isn’t a usual shade that I would go for, but with it coming into the Summer time now I wanted to mix things up a little.  This looks like a perfect Summer/holiday shade and I can’t wait to try it out to add a little injection of colour into an everyday look.  Honestly, how was I supposed to refrain from buying everything? It was always going to happen.

So, there you have it.  More new additions to my rapidly growing collection.  What do you think? Have you bought anything from the Jeffree Star x Manny MUA collab?

Lots of love,

Beth x 

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