Liquid Lipsticks – My Top Picks

I have a confession.I am addicted to liquid lipsticks.  So much so that all my regular lipsticks have lost a little of their appeal and are gathering dust in my drawer.  Liquid lipsticks are just so easy.  Throw one on in the morning, maybe one touch up during the day, but other than that they are basically glued onto your lips.  I love it.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Bow N Arrow

kat von d

This is a relatively new addition to my collection of liquid lipsticks.  Kat Von D lipsticks are so overly hyped on social media that I was desperate to try one out.  Looking on the website, this was the shade that I was likely to get the most use out of.  I adore it – the formula is amazing, albeit a little drying.  However, it does last all day – even after eating and drinking. Definitely one to try out, and worth the slightly higher price tag.

The Balm ‘Meet Matte Hughes’ – Committed

the balm

This one is an oldie but a goody.  I remember getting this on the recommendation of my best friend, after we went out for a meal and her lipstick didn’t budge the entire time.  I love this shade so much – it is so flattering on the lips.  And we have to talk about the smell – it smells like mints.  What is there not to love?!  One of my most used liquid lipsticks.

NYX Lip Lingerie – Bedtime Flirt


This is another one of my most used liquid lipsticks – and for the price point it is incredible.  NYX have such an incredible range of liquid lips and the Lingerie collection is no exception.  This is currently the only shade that I own, however I soon plan on changing that.  More of a mousse texture than your typical formula, this is super comfortable to wear all day long.


Too Faced Melted Matte – Miso Pretty

too faced

The newest in my collection, I only got this product last week.  However, it has quickly jumped into my favourites pile.  It’s such a nude shade that I thought it would look a little sickly on my ghostly skin tone, however with a brown toned eye it works perfectly.  The formula is a little drying but looks absolutely amazing and lasts all day.

NYX Liquid Suede – Life’s A Beach

nyx 1

An alternative to the nude shades that I usually wear, this shade is incredible.  A neon pink/coral colour, I wore this for most of the summer last year.  Once again, NYX killing it with the formula which is super long-wearing and doesn’t crumble even if you have to apply more than one layer.

NYX Liquid Suede – Sandstorm

nyx 2.jpg

I feel like this shade is a cult favourite out of all the NYX Lipsticks, and for good reason.  Everybody loves a brown, nude lip and this definitely does the job.  Once again, with the typical amazing formula, however now paired with the perfect cool toned nude. If you haven’t given this one a try, then go ahead – you won’t regret it.

NYX Liquid Suede – Kitten Heels

nyx 3.jpg

This is the last NYX product, I promise.  But these are honestly my favourite liquid lipsticks on the planet – so much so that I have almost the entire collection.  Just be thankful I haven’t included more of these in here.  This was the first NYX liquid lip in my collection, and was the one that began my whole love affair.  This is the perfect shade of red, and I always struggle with the formula and colour of red lips.  But this one is amazing, and lasts all day long.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick – Sagittarius


love this lipstick.  It is such an unusual shade, which is why I was attracted to it in the first place.  A cool toned purple, looks absolutely incredible when paired with a purple, glittery eye.  Usually one that I save for nights out, due to the fact that it refuses to budge all night long no matter how many shots I had downed.  A cult favourite, and an amazing lipstick all round.


So there you have it.  I am liquid lipstick obsessed and I am not ashamed.  In fact, I am encouraging you all to be liquid lipstick obsessed alongside me.  If you have any favourites you think I should try, hit me up with the names and I will be unable to restrain myself from purchasing them.

As always, lots of love,

Beth x 

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