Jeffree Star – Androgyny Palette


Here it is.  The newest edition to my eyeshadow palette collection.  Once again, I ask myself: did I need it? No.  Did I want it? Yes.  So I bought it.  Now I haven’t had too much chance to play around with it yet, so I thought I would share a few swatches with you.





And I couldn’t resist doing the stereotypical arm swatch that all beauty bloggers love:


I am so in love.  This palette has everything that you need to create a flawless day time or night time look.  If you’re debating purchasing it, you need it.

Needless to say that this was worth the £40.00 I paid for it – I will keep you updated on what looks I manage to do with this palette although I have very high hopes.


Lots of love,

Beth x

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