My Weekend


Now usually, my weekend doesn’t involve anything too unusual or noteworthy.  Getting a little bit tipsy in the nightclub with my best friends is usually the standard weekend for me, and then spending my Sunday regretting the events of the evening before.

However, this weekend involved none of the above which is why I thought I would include  a little blog post about it.


Saturday :

Saturday was a lovely day.  It was my weekend to work, however the Sunday was booked off as a long overdue holiday day and I had an easy little 8am-3pm shift.  Wonderful stuff.

The evening was spent at my best pals house with a lot of my other best pals.  It involved multiple bottles of wine, a lot of snacks and the largest amount of pizza that you have ever seen.  However, we were slightly productive in the fact that we booked a holiday to Ibiza for August (unfortunately, this does mean that I have to be bikini body ready).




This Sunday was one of the first in a long time that I haven’t spent with either my head over the toilet or my head under a pillow in my bedroom totally and utterly hungover.  It’s a miracle.

I decided to make the most of it by going for a long walk with my parents.  I always forget how nice it is to just spend a little bit of time with them, after having spent many years as a terrible teenager determined to spend as little time with my parents as possible.

We went for a long walk in the woods about twenty minutes from my house, and it was the most beautiful day – followed by a long nap when I got home of course.



Not technically a weekend day, however I now have 8 days off from work so I thought I would post about my extended weekend.

This was definitely a Treat Yo Self kind of day, as are most of my days.  Slightly exciting in the sense that I:

A) Got a new tattoo (and god damn, it hurt)

B) Had the best slice of Millionaire’s Shortcake ever in Starbucks (like the basic white girl I naturally am)


So, there it is, my extended weekend.  I hope you enjoyed having a nosy into what I got up to, and I hope that you had as much of a lovely weekend as I did.

Lots of love,

Beth x 

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