Life Update – January

Seeing as we are now into the second month of 2017, I thought I would take the time to do a little life update.

January has been a very busy, up and down month to start the year.  For the most part of it, I have been working.  Obviously a job is a job and all that, so I was hardly expecting that aspect of my life to be too exciting.

Fitness wise, I am actually doing pretty good.  I would say that I have managed to keep January a pretty healthy month (for the most part).  I’ve branched out of my comfort zone and learnt to cook a lot healthier recipes.  I’ve managed to maintain some kind of rough fitness schedule and I’m drinking a tonne more water.  Pretty successful for a first run at things if I do say so myself.  Once I’m fully in the swing of things, I aim to do a few blog posts on this.

On the reading front, I’ve managed to finish two books last month.  Witch Hunter and King Slayer by Virginia Boecker.  I felt like these two books were the perfect duo to get me back into reading slowly but steadily.  Very easy reads but with a great storyline that meant I wasn’t bored one bit.

Goals for February? Hmmmmm. I would probably say to just keep doing what I’m doing.  I must saying I’m smashing these new years resolutions so far, so I aim to keep up the hard work (and trust me, it is hard work).
Let me know how your January has gone, and what your goals for February are.


Lots of love,

Beth x 

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