My Gym Makeup

Yes, I am one of those people.  Whenever I go to the gym I do like to wear makeup.  Not because I need to, or because I have to, but just because it gives me that little self-esteem boost.  So, if you were looking for any gym friendly products, here’s what I wear on my face to work out.

N-SPA – Radiant Flash Serum



This is my favourite primer to use when I’m having either a chill day or a day running errands.  It has a faint shimmer to it, but not one that’s obviously noticeable on the skin.  Although I wouldn’t say that this necessarily improves the longevity of your makeup, it does add luminosity which I love for a glowy day.






Rimmel – Lasting Finish Foundation (Light Porcelain)


My foundation of choice is a oldie but a goodie.  Perfect for a day when I don’t want a full coverage foundation but just want a little bit of something to brighten up my complexion.  I find that this shade suits me perfectly, and doesn’t oxidise on my skin – it also lasts a fair while on my face too.





Collection – Lasting Perfection Concealer (Fair)



This concealer is probably the best drugstore concealer, and it’s multipurpose too.  Good for any blemishes, under the eyes and on any skin discolouration.  This also happens to be a perfect shade for me, blends beautifully and lasts all day.  Definitely a bargain worth investing in.





Collection – Pressed Powder (Ivory)



This is also another bargain from Collection.  This is one of the products that I used to use in school, so it does have an element of nostalgia for me.  It’s a very translucent powder, with a small amount of coverage.  I basically just use it to mattify my skin throughout the day.






Benefit – Gimme Brow (Light/Medium)




Usually, I have my eyebrows a few shades darker than this.  However, on a casual day I throw this in just to give them a little colour.  My eyebrows are naturally a really light blonde, so this just tints them a little darker and makes them actually visible.  This is always a positive, because it means I don’t look like I have an absolutely massive forehead.




NYC – Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder (Sunny)



Finally, to just add a little bit of life into my ghostly ass face, I pop on a little bit of bronzer.  This one is beautiful. It’s not too pigmented, or too muddy or shimmery.  It’s just the prettiest shade of matte goodness, super easy to blend and makes you look a little more sunkissed than usual.



So those were my few gym makeup items that I use more or less every time I go to the gym on my day off.  They are tried and tested, and pretty much sweatproof.


Lots of love,

Beth x

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